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About Crossfire Firepleaces

We manufacture a complete kit to build the core of a masonry heater. This is a fireplace with a large mass that allows the heat from the fire to be stored and radiated slowly to the surroundings over time. The masonry heater concept dates back hundreds of years. It is often refered to as a Russian or Finnish Heater. The masonry heater is one of the most efficient ways to burn any solid wood fuel. The energy from the burning wood is absorbed by the mass of the fireplace and then radiated back into your home for 12 to 36 hours after the fire has gone out. The fire is typically a short, hot fire with high temperatures and low emmisions. The wood is burned very efficiently under these conditions reaching a combustion efficiency of up to 98%.


The smoke moves through smoke channels inside the Crossfire core, giving a long flow path where the core has time to absorb the energy from the exhaust gasses. The smoke being emitted from the chimney is virtually invisible when a masonry heater is operated correctly. The overall efficiency of our fireplace can be as high as 78%. The core can be faced with any material like brick or stone to achieve the specific appearance you are looking for. The most efficient installations are achieved when the heater is centrally located in the dwelling with a masonry chimney running up through the house and a good solid 75mm (4″) facing material over the entire core and chimney.

So what makes us so special?

Well, several things really. First, the Crossfire core is factory made. We use a set of very precise molds to cast the refractory blocks that make up the core. These cast components are cemented together on site much like a large “Lego” set. What this means is that every fireplace, whether constructed in London, England, Santa Fe, New Mexico or your house will be identical. This insures that every fireplace will have the same great characteristics. It will deliver the same perfect burn every time. Energy efficient, easy to light and high performance.

Second, we have the largest door in the industry. Why? Well, we at Crossfire simply believe that if you decide to have a fire it is because you want to actually see the fire. So, we made the biggest door we could. In addition, we included an air-wash system to cool the door frame and reduce the amount of smoke and fire that contacts the glass. This keeps the door clean, so you can enjoy the fire.

The Crossfire core is straight forward to assemble. Depending on the fireplace model you have chosen, the core is about 26 pieces. It is technically supported with an easy to follow assembly manual. So what this means is that your mason can construct your fireplace quickly and correctly in the least amount of time. Masons who construct masonry heaters by hand, from fire brick, can take up to 2 days to construct a core. The Crossfire core can be built in hours. In addition, the Crossfire core can only go together one way. This means there is no guess work as to whether the fireplace will actually work. Every unit is the same.

Our customer service is very important to us. We offer technical assistance with design. As our customer, you are in charge. Our goal is to make your experience in purchasing and installing your Crossfire Masonry Heater as enjoyable as possible. We want to see you enjoying your new fireplace as quickly as we can. Whether your goal is to heat your house or simply warm your toes and enjoy the romance of a great fire, we will do whatever we can to get you there.

You can face a Crossfire core with any material you choose; brick, field stone, river stone, stucco – see our Photo Gallery for some ideas.

Please take the time to look around our site. If you have questions, please ask. Comments on our site are also welcome.

Thank you. We at Crossfire look forward to working with you on your project.